2017s Art Trends Opt for Gold too!

2017s Art Trends Opt for Gold too!


Gold has conquered the world of art in 2017. Streets and museums are turning golden!

Keep on reading and find out the most impressive works to date!

The Melbourne street artist: from urban ruin to a gleaming spectacle

This artist has created several works of art all around Australia which are attracting worldwide attention. His artistic practice is based on turning every urban ruin into golden street decoration.

His first golden touches were found on an old car and an abandoned train last year.

But his most notorious piece of art was born on February 2017. The Australian artist turned a forgotten crumbling house into a major tourist attraction.

The new exhibit at the Anna K. Meredith Gallery

The Anna K. Meredith Gallery of the Des Moines Art Center counts now with a new golden exhibit under the name of "Alchemy: Transformations in Gold". The exhibit “brings together 15 contemporary artists inspired by the most precious of metals, leaving behind a unique, permanent work that will last for future generations,” wrote the Des Moines Register newspaper.

These are a couple of examples of the works of art that you will find in the gallery. The first one has been created by James Lee Byars and it is meant to transport the antique into the future. We are talking about his "Golden Divan”.

The jewel of the crown though, is Lalla Essaydi's photographic triptych, which is completely made out of golden bullet casings.

Another curious piece to pay attention to is Rachel Sussman's example of indoor “Kintsukuroi”, an old Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with gold. Burkhalter and her colleagues found a naturally formed crack in the walls outside the exhibit hall and invited Sussman to fix it. Now, imperfection is replaced with gold.

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