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5 Core Monetary Principles of Financial Security

5 Core Monetary Principles of Financial Security


We are explaining five core monetary principles for building financial security.

The path to financial security lies in realization and implementation of core monetary principles. The knowledge is hidden in plain sight, it is enough to show interest in what is happening with you and around you.

To enhance your financial security, you must understand a set of rules of money evolution. Ancient history serves as a primary source that helps us get to the roots of financial security. The main merit of the of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus is his contributions - philosophical treatises that stand for liberation of the human mind and exploration of the material world. Thanks to his work, horizons were broadened, giving a whole new perspective for spiritually awakened people. Apart from it, language evolved, opportunities expanded, knowledge accumulated, new political orders were established. As a result, the sphere of commodity and money relations was developed.

In the uncertain, constantly changing world, besides the need of making a living, exists a real need for financial security. Human cravings to save, gain and multiply assets become stronger.

Forming principals of financial security are based on capital investment, savings, perspective, philanthropy and unity. Let's take a look at the 5 core principles that will allow you to strengthen your financial security and financial security of your loved ones.

1. The principle of capital

Capital refers to the total amount of goods, property, assets, used for profit or wealth building. Capital, undeniably, is a reliable guarantor of the financial security. We recommend you to define capital as your asset, and then ask yourself, what capital means for you personally? Do not measure your self-worth based on your cash flow history. Evaluate the overall impact of skills and knowledge that you possess today and in what terms they are expressed.

Don't forget that new skills open up new financial opportunities and help gain the confidence of tomorrow’s day.

Your confidence in knowledge helps you embark on the path of financial security. For instance, if you know your product inside and out, you will successfully present it to potential customers. In this case a chance to close the deal gets much higher.

2. The principle of savings

People have a habit of spending more than they can earn. Lack of Financial Security (LFS) Virus can be caught by such people. Following the principle of savings helps you combat frivolous spending and get rid of LFS Virus once and for all. Saving 5-10% of you income creates the necessary financial reserve for unforeseen expenses. You can take the modest approach. Just remember that money can work in any way.

3. The principle of perspective

The essence of this principle is to make your savings grow by using them as an investment tool. In terms of capacity, profit and risk are closely interrelated. However, low-risk and high-income investments can be distinguished, for example, investments in gold. This precious metal is constantly growing in price. Banking experts predict an increase in the value of gold up to $1700 per ounce in the year 2018. By buying gold, you care about your financial security.

4. The principle of philanthropy

If we all take the importance of the philanthropy principle as axiomatic, it becomes obvious that charity and patronage are keys for unlocking abundance, as any form of charity expands not only social sphere but also business, culture, arts, entrepreneurship in general.

For example, 2% of income donated to the needs of others would make the world a better place, and people - unified. The sense of financial security won't be lost if you follow this principle.  When you give, you always get more in return.

5. The principle of unity

Prosperity is determined by the team of like-minded individuals with common goals and shared values. If one is supported by the group, the Lack of Financial Security (LFS) Virus gets absolutely powerless.

By being a member of the team, you can define the course of actions as well as determine methods of achieving the desirable.

Each and every client of Global InterGold is a part of the united collective (made up of 2 million people) that acts as one.

Global InterGold is the company that focuses on people’s well-being and helps turning your aspirations into reality with one goal in mind: to achieve financial security, create a better world and improve the quality of life for its clients.

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