7 rules of charismatic leader

7 rules of charismatic leader


Charismatic people know how to attract attention and make others remember their speeches and actions. They are energetic, passionate and emotional leaders. We will show you how to become one.  

Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can't buy. It's an invisible energy with visible effects.”

Marianna Williamson


Being gifted and charming, a charismatic person will always stand out from the crowd and will force people to follow him. Charismatics make others fall in love with their originality at first sight.

Examples of charismatic people

Celebrities: Sarah Bernhardt, Coco Chanel, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs

Historical figures: Napoleon, Churchill, Lenin, Stalin

Politicians: George Washington, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Religious leaders: Buddha, Christ, Mohammed

Features of charismatic personality

Esotericists believe that the souls of such people are more perfect due to the numerous reincarnations in past lives.

The scientific description was offered by the historian and sociologist Max Weber: a charismatic personality is evaluated as gifted with supernatural, superhuman or at least genuinely specific forces and properties not available to other people.


According to House's theory, a charismatic personality is distinguished by 3 features: need for power, self-confidence and conviction of their actions legitimacy.

Charismatic people are able to recharge their energy, they attract success, wealth and the right people in their lives. They can do anything, they strive for success, they make others dream of being their friends and communicating with them.

Main qualities of a charismatic:

  1. Attract others like a magnet

  2. Inspire others

  3. Are fond of what they do

  4. Develop abilities

  5. Enjoy communicating

  6. Can find the core in anything

  7. Motivate themselves and people around

  8. See goals

  9. Live an active lifestyle

  10. Have a positive attitude


How to enhance charisma

Robert Green in his book "The 48 Laws of Power" described the behavior of extraordinary and bright personalities. In his opinion, charismatics can learn to strengthen charisma by "piercing eyes, fervent speeches, mysterious behavior. They are capable of leading huge masses of people. Learn to create the illusion of charisma by radiating energy and remaining detached and unperturbed at the same time."

Charismatic people follow the rules that distinguish them from the ruck.


Having studied these basic principles, you will be able to enhance your qualities.

1. Plan

Create your personal action plan. People around should understand that you have goals, both good and noble. Then they will reach out to you to share and support them.

2. Mystery

The mystery will allow people to talk about you. They will try to unravel your personality.

This may be the secret of origin, family legends or the contradictory nature of your personality.


3. Lifestyle

The main thing is that words correspond to deeds. If you are talking about important human values, then make your actions comply with your speeches.

4. Sociability

The ability to speak well demonstrates the power of your words, while eloquence and artistic talent add up by playing a positive role. Learn to speak and influence the consciousness of listeners. Be able to convince, to grab people’s attention, to lead followers.

5. No fears

Many suffer from complexes and fears. If you show that you are not afraid of anything, you will demonstrate your strength. Your courage will prove the ability to take risks, and this attracts and causes admiration. Cowardice kills charisma.


6. Faith

You must sincerely believe in something with immense power. This power and inspiration will contaminate other people too. Remember that faith helps and unites like nothing else.

7. Look

Boldly look forward, don’t be afraid to meet your rivals face to face, keep an eye on important things. The way you look must reflect your power and magnetism.


In ancient Greek, the word "charisma" means "to draw attention to yourself".


You can become a charismatic personality can be. Draw attention to yourself, develop your abilities, learn, communicate. Set goal, take control over your life and achieve all the heights!

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