A business built in trust. Why millions of people trust GIG?

A business built in trust. Why millions of people trust GIG?


Honesty, transparency, and reliability are the foundation of reputation and trust.

This is what Global InterGold's business is about.

The feeling of not being able to trust the people around you is very uncomfortable. We instinctively need to feel we can rely on our friends, colleagues, employers, etc.

What does the trust of Global InterGold’s customers lean on?

A high-quality and profitable product

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop exclusively offers LBMA-certified investment gold bars of the highest purity (999.9) and produced by the best manufacturers. Apart from that, gold is a very profitable product since its prices grow nonstop. One simple example: over the last 10 years, gold prices have increased by 400%, benefiting millions of gold owners!

A promising opportunity with a promising future

Global InterGold's transparent business model has enabled millions of people to increase their income with gold. How? By simply purchasing gold at very convenient prices and spreading the word about the opportunity. Moreover, the company is expanding to new regions and it is already present in 5 continents.

Compliance with obligations and commitments

Global InterGold always gives what promises. For example, contest winners always get their valuable prizes like luxury journeys; leaders also receive awards for their achievements in the business.

Constant help and support

Global InterGold makes every effort to facilitate the development of its customers' businesses. The company provides from educational videos to official presentations, a wide variety of promotional materials, and online platforms for both conducting events and posting comments and reviews about the business. And it goes beyond: find the company's management and Director of Development personally at your disposal at any GIG's event!

By starting your own business with Global InterGold, you are building your financial independence and a safer future!

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