A gold phone for billionaires

A gold phone for billionaires



In the autumn of 2018, the British company Goldgenie presents the iPhone XS Billionaire Solid Gold Edition, the case of which is made of the precious metal.

Goldgenie specializes in the restyling of mass-market smartphones to meet the needs of specific consumers and has no direct connection with the American corporation Apple. A stylish novelty, covered with 18K gold, was named a "phone for billionaires", and it is designed to suit the most demanding tastes of rich people and celebrities.

The precious device will be released in one version — with 256 gigabytes of internal memory. The brand’s logo "Billionaire Solid Gold Edition" is at the center of the phone’s back cover.

A golden gadget is already available for pre-order. It is reported that the price of an elite phone is $113,000. This amount is more than 100 times the price of the usual model of such a smartphone.

In the photo: the first copies of the expensive iPhone XS Billionaire Solid Gold Edition will be on sale in September 2018.


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