A teapot "Egoist" for $3 Million

A teapot "Egoist" for $3 Million



Nirmal Sethia, a philanthropist and owner of the tea company Newby Teas, presented a unique teapot "Egoist" in 2016.

"I created this precious vessel to remind people of the great cultural and historical significance of tea. This is a tribute to one of the most ancient and wonderful beverages," says Sethia.

In the photo: Nirmal Sethia receives a Guinness diploma, confirming the special status of the "Egoist" teapot.


The idea of Nirmal Sethia came to life with the help of the Scavia jewelry store’s craftsmen in Milan. The teapot "Egoist" is made of gold of the highest fineness, is covered with 1658 diamonds and 386 rubies. The lid and one of the sides in the center are also decorated with large rubies. The handle is made of the mammoth tusk. It took 1730 hours of work to make the teapot.

The Guinness Book of Records’ special committee has awarded the luxury teapot the title of the most expensive in the world. Its price is estimated at $3 million dollars.

In the photo: The precious vessel was named "Egoist", because only one portion can be brewed in it.

The masterpiece of jewelry is stored at the Nirmal Sethia Foundation, the largest private collection of antique tea accessories. The unique collection includes items created by famous craftsmen, belonging to famous people, such as the daughter of Winston Churchill, Admiral Nelson.

The Sethia Foundation, named after his wife "Chitra", is helping several community-based organizations and medical institutions, including the Autism Center and the Center for Invasive Surgery.


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