A year of successful business events in Russia

A year of successful business events in Russia


More and more people start building their own businesses with the Global InterGold company.

«I’ve been a GIG client for about 2 years. Trust me, everyone who wants to earn can really make it with the rewards that the company credits”

Svetlana, client from Russia

What is Global InterGold?

Global InterGold specializes in the sale and purchase of investment gold bars. The clients recommend the company’s products and services and receive rewards in return.

The popularity of the gold business is growing in Russia just as the number of events dedicated to the topics of business and high income are.

The most significant events

On June 20th, 2015, St. Petersburg hosted a ceremonial launch of GIG’s new platform, the Online Gold Shop. The event was held in the Taleon Imperial Hotel, which has accommodated celebrities such as John Travolta or Patricia Kaas. As you can see, the company’s management selects only the best venues for their customers!

Hundreds of people from around the world - France, Japan, Israel, Mexico, and South Korea among other countries - gathered to witness that remarkable moment in the history of one of the fastest growing companies in the world, the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

Three months later, the conference and Gala Festival "Golden Age 2016" were held in Perm. Attended by guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other parts of Russia, this event presented very useful information related to the fields of economy and business. Mr. Mihail Ukvasov, who counts with 20 years of experience in business, together with other eminent businessmen delivered several speeches in the form of a film session devoted to gold and its importance for the well-being of people.

In summer 2016, another important event was held in St. Petersburg in which the attendees learned how to generate profit and listened to inspiring success stories. Then, later that evening, they enjoyed a luxurious party aboard a river ship.

Finally, another major event took place in St. Petersburg: the Global Christmas Ball & Business Conference 2016. Mr. Ukvasov conducted there a masterclass in the framework of the business conference, and shared the stage with other acclaimed businessmen, who told their success stories to the audience. An entertainment show followed the speeches, including a surprise! One of the winners of the dance contest received a gold bar on behalf of the company! Surprises are frequent, and this is another reason to attend GIG’s events.

Would you like to experience all of this yourself?

Then, take part in Global InterGold's events! All of them give you the opportunity to take the first steps to earn high and stable income. More information here.