Against all crises: how gold saves money

Against all crises: how gold saves money



What do a savings account in a bank, keeping cash in a stash, and lighting a fireplace with banknotes have in common?

Answer: in all three cases, the money gradually disappears in vain.

Are you surprised? Do you want to know who is stealing your savings and how to stop this process?


Invisible thief

The crisis of 2008-2012, which destroyed hundreds of banks, showed how vulnerable this system is to economic threats. Today, when the planet is shaken by a new crisis, many people are in a hurry to withdraw money from bank accounts and stock up on cash. They believe that in this way they are guaranteed to preserve their savings.

These people forget about the existence of such a phenomenon as inflation. No matter where your money is kept — even in the most secure safe — inflation will weaken its purchasing power.

Let’s consider the impact of inflation on the example of the most popular and widespread currency — American dollar. Just compare what you could buy for one dollar some time ago and what you can buy now.


In 1955, an American could buy four burgers, a milkshake, a glass of soda, and a bag of fries at McDonald's for one dollar. Today, for the same amount of money, he can afford a glass of milk.

In 1998, almost four liters of gasoline could be purchased for one dollar in the United States. Now it is just over one liter.

In the chart: the dollar's dismal purchasing power over the past 70 years.


While prices rose 970% on average, the purchasing power of the green banknote declined proportionally. Figuratively, this situation can be represented as follows: you put a dollar in a piggy bank and hid it in a secluded place. After 70 years, the dollar in the piggy bank would have decreased to 9 cents, although no one touched it all this time.

The figures speak for themselves. Paper currency is an extremely unreliable means of creating long-term savings. Banknotes are only good for spending right away. If you plan to spend them in a few years, you will have to reckon with the fact that you will buy less than you can afford today.


The best way out

Is it possible to find protection against inflation? After all, everybody wants the money earned to be spent worthily in the future: on buying a house or a car, paying for a trip abroad or for children’s education.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep monetary resources from depreciating. This opportunity is provided by investment gold.


Unlike national currencies, gold:

  • is not produced in unlimited quantities by any state, therefore, it is free from political and economic influence;

  • is not subject to inflation;

  • does not depend on the banking system;

  • increases in value in the long run.

In the chart: gold price dynamics since 1973. Over 47 years, it has risen in price almost 30 times!


Let’s say that you purchased the yellow metal five years ago. Since then, its value has risen by 80%, recently setting a new record. As a result, you have not lost a single cent of the money you invested — your savings remained beyond the reach of inflation. On the contrary, your purchase has become even more valuable.

Let’s go back to our piggy bank example. Suppose now that you put a dollar in a gold piggy bank — that is, you invested money in gold. Five years later, there are already two dollars in your piggy bank.

It is absolutely evident that only gold can provide stability in times of economic collapse. And for everyone who cares about the Financial Security of their family, we have great news!


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