Artisanal gold mining: Madagascars goes green and golden

Artisanal gold mining: Madagascars goes green and golden


Did you know...?

Madagascar is especially known for its varied flora and fauna. More than 90% of the local species do not exist anywhere else in the world!

The African island's economy is mainly based on its agriculture and export of herbs and spices. As for the mining industry, Madagascar is one of the largest sapphires-exporters: 40% of the world's sapphires are extracted from there.

A different mining practice

Gold mining in this island became official last year only. Incredible, isn't it? However, most of the mining practices that are considered illegal in other countries are not so there.

Madagascar's local authorities support artisanal gold mining as an alternative to large-scale gold production because it is less harmful to the environment.

Of course, artisanal gold mining has existed in Madagascar for centuries now, but its legalization has solved many problems like child labor, poor working conditions, limited health facilities, and security issues. Now, locals can freely engage in gold mining and earn to support their families.

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