Australians survive financial crisis by digging for gold!

Australians survive financial crisis by digging for gold!


Gold fever has spreaded across Australia, where more and more people look for gold for a living. This activity has become a big hit!

How can simple gold nuggets allow people to live a plenty life?

Gold rush in Victoria

Every day, people like John Gladdis and John Nalder from Australia, walk about 25km equipped with the best new metal detectors gold can buy (up to $10,0000 each) and explore the woods looking for gold nuggets.

These intrepid travelers have declared that, even though not every day you get lucky, it is perfectly profitable. "I gave it all away to go full-time prospecting," said John Gladdis in an interview with the Australian newspaper 'The Age'. He also told that:

"Over the years I've found hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions, who knows? There's still a very good living being made by a lot of people around here."

What is the history behind this initiative?

The gold fever started in the region of Victoria in 1851 when people from Britain, Ireland, America, New Zealand and China filled their pockets with this precious metal.

John Gladdis affirmed that during the crisis of 2008, people used to go out in search of gold nuggets and managed to weather the storm during those years.

Progress in the search of gold

On 11th and 12th March, 2017, there was an event in Australia to teach people how to pan gold and use detectors. The whole weekend was dedicated to searching gold, and many even got quite good prizes.

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