Awards, surprises, gold: Global Tour 2016 in Lithuania

Awards, surprises, gold: Global Tour 2016 in Lithuania


Lithuania has welcomed with open arms the guests of the 8th Global Tour 2016 conference on 11 June who arrived full of expectation.

How many customers attended this event and from which countries? How has this event changed the lives of the attendees?

The Global Tour 2016 marches along the planet. After Latin America and Asia, it is Europe's turn! The second event has taken place in the northern country of Lithuania on 11 June. Why has this Global Tour 2016 event been so remarkable?

Lithuania loves gold

Said to be Europe's home of amber, Lithuania abounds in forests and lakes. Despite not having large gold deposits, Lithuanians have always shown a special interest in this shiny metal. Global InterGold's business is advancing quickly and achieving a high success in the country derived from the commitment of the customers – a commitment that has allowed them to fulfill their dream of hosting a Global Tour 2016 event.

The event attracted over 350 people from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Italy and, of course, Lithuania. Elegant ladies and gentlemen gathered at the splendid Vilnius Grand Resort hotel not far from Vilnius to share their stories, receive valuable awards and listen to the management's speeches on the new business tools and other innovations.

Golden Surprises

The event started with marvelous folk dances from different Lithuanian regions in which dancers dressed in the national costume. After the keynote speech delivered by the organizers, the charismatic Director of Development George Fuzesi was invited to the stage. He greeted the guests and spoke about the latest company's achievements and innovations, including the launch of the production of GIG-branded gold bars and the mobile application.

The Director was followed by the eminent Global InterGold leader Mikhail Ukvasov who shared his wisdom about gold business development and the Leadership program. After the coffee break, several Lithuanian, Italian, Finnish and Latvian leaders shared their success stories from the stage. The Leaders Award Ceremony crowned the official part of the event and many leaders were awarded for having taken important steps in the business.

What is the best way to relax after such an intensive day?

Of course, a good meal in the best company. The guests enjoyed an exquisite 4-course feast and live saxophone music. Many attendees did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the hotel's special offers such as pools, SPA and a golf course, after a long productive day.

What is next?

Lithuania has been the second country in Europe to host a Global Tour 2016 event. Can you guess where the Global Tour is moving next?

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