Billionaire plans to mine the Moon for gold!

Billionaire plans to mine the Moon for gold!


Yes, you have read correctly! Space mining is about to reach a whole new level in 2017! Who is going to mine the moon's natural resources, how, when, and why?

Keep on reading an find out!


The Indian billionaire Naveen Jain is behind this initiative. He is the founder and former CEO of InfoSpace, and currently Chairman of Moon Express.

Moon Express is a commercial space company for the development and mining of the moon's resources and other space exploration. The company received £16 million aimed at mining the moon only.

How? How much can he earn?

The objective of the company is to send a spacecraft to the Moon and explore for valuable resources. Experts hope to find water, Helium, iron ore, rare Earth minerals and precious metals such as gold on the moon's surface. His team estimates that the possible findings would be worth trillions.


Naveen Jain plans to send spacecraft to check out the Moon by November or December 2017.


Apart from the profit, the businessman always seeks to find new opportunities and advancements. He believes that deep space will soon be explored by many more companies.

In his words: “This simply shows that every company can achieve their moon-shot.”

It seems that this year, planets and asteroids are the top target of the richest entrepreneurs on Earth in search of precious metals among other materials.

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