Business ideas: earning with investment gold

Business ideas: earning with investment gold


Investment gold is an asset that always makes a profit. You might doubt that by saying that gold prices are decreasing now. Keep calm! There is a company that allows to run a rewarding business with gold in any economic environment.

The value of the yellow metal increases in the long term. Look at the chart and see for yourself.

In 2000, an ounce of gold was worth $270. Then the recession started, and quotes began to grow. People's trust in paper currencies fell, and they started buying more gold, because it always protects finances from depreciation. The peak value was reached in 2011, when gold prices hit $1,830 per ounce. Despite a slight decrease, gold prices are still at a relatively high level.

“Credit Suisse” experts believe that prices can reach $ 1,500 an ounce at the beginning of 2017. This opinion is shared by analysts in RBC Bank.

Why should you purchase gold right now?

Firstly, by buying the precious metal at the current price of $ 1,175, you have the opportunity to earn on the difference in quotes next year. However, it is not the most important part.

At the beginning of the article, a company with which you can earn in any economic circumstances was mentioned. It is called Global InterGold. Its clients run their own business and earn money with recommendations.

 Recommendations? Tell me more!  

Anyone who wants to protect their capital and make a profit can start their own business with the support of the company. You place an order for investment gold bars, make a prepayment of 5-15% of their total value, and recommend the product to at least two other people. In return, you receive remuneration from the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. The more recommendations, the greater the reward. 7,000 EUR is a real result within the first month!


“I have always dreamed of having a lot of money. I realized that my financial goals could only be achieved by running a business. And now I have an interesting and legal business, big income and no risks or travel restrictions!”

Denis K., client from Russia


"A business has to be serious and solid, and it must have a future. For this reason, I became a Global InterGold client"

Ostap P., Spain


Our product is better than money!”

Marina V., Russia


Global InterGold is not just an Internet Shop for gold bars: it is an opportunity to achieve well-being!

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