[Business Protocol] How to build the gold business in Mexico?

[Business Protocol] How to build the gold business in Mexico?


Would you like to expand your gold business in Mexico? Do you want to be part of the country's success in Global InterGold?

Then, take into account these tips to build great business relationships with Mexicans!


Get ready for physical contact when meeting Mexicans. Shake hands with both men and women when you first meet them, and give a hug or a kiss on the cheek, respectively, once you have become friends.

Introducing yourself

In Mexico, as in other Latin American countries and Spain, people have two surnames. They may abbreviate one of them and use only the initials when writing in mails.

Take into account that professional titles matter. Don't forget to address them as: 'Doctor', 'Professor', etc. followed by their name.


A business relationship starts with a personal relationship. Firstly, you have to build a good relationship because no Mexican will do business with a person they can't trust.

Mexicans are smiling and extrovert. They will want a bit of small talk (family, weather, differences between your country and Mexico, etc.) before discussing business.

Don't forget to say 'yes' if they invite you to have a coffee, or for lunch, and never talk business then.


Giving a gift is not necessary to win them over. But if giving any, remember that it's the detail that counts – don't make them uncomfortable with extremely expensive presents.


Mexicans prefer doing business in person. So try to avoid e-mail or phones for important matters – use Skype or a similar program if you live in a different country.

While they won't expect you to speak Spanish, saying a couple of words will be very much appreciated: ¡el oro es dinero!

Dress Code

The proper way to dress tends to be more formal than in European countries, for example. Suit and tie is very common for men, while women usually wear suits or casual dresses, make-up, and perfume.

Business Cards

Both handing out and receiving business cards is highly recommended.

Mexico is showing spectacular results in the gold business.

So, take into account the business protocol in Mexico and soon you will succeed with your business there!