BUSINESSWOMAN? This summer, enjoy like the superheroine you are!

BUSINESSWOMAN? This summer, enjoy like the superheroine you are!


Gold businesswomen are our favorite superheroines! And this summer, the Cold Stone Creamery company offers a golden delight for their palate.

How to cool down and relax this summer like a superheroine? Find out!

Everybody loves ice-cream!

Gold businesswomen are superheroines: they bring prosperity to many people! They deserve to enjoy the best of the best only, just as they love to enjoy the best of each season!

Summer is getting closer, and everybody is getting ready to enjoy the season's classics, like ice-creams!

But, how to give ice-cream the glamour and prestige superheroines deserve? With gold, of course!

Superheroines' favorite

The Cold Stone Creamery company is an ice-cream chain that allows clients to create their own ice-cream combinations, has introduced their latest delight: the Wonder Woman Berry Bold ice-cream.

If you are a gold businesswoman, this summer... Let it gold!

The Wonder Woman Berry Bold ice-cream mixes dark chocolate ice-cream with raspberries, chocolate shavings, and edible gold glitter. Gold adds an elegant and fancy touch to this delicacy.

But there is a better place to get delicious gold!


And let your summer shine with gold!