California Shines Bright: Gold Rush After Floods

California Shines Bright: Gold Rush After Floods


Gold rush: how it all started

Year 1848 marked the beginning of the gold rush on the American River in California when sawmill workers started finding gold nuggets there. In those days, talking about such valuable finds was not trendy, but the rumors spread fast. Thousands of people from different countries rushed there hoping to make a fortune. Since then, there have always been people striving for searches in this "golden" place.

During the gold rush in California:

*4,000 tons of gold were extracted worth of $50 billion

*the largest gold nugget weighing 88.5 kg was found

*300 thousand immigrants were registered

Climate peculiarities

Surprisingly, climate change has a positive effect on the financial state of Californians. Powerful downpours, storms, strong winds attacked Silicon Valley this year. Nature raged so much that the authorities of California opened the floodgates of the dam on the Sacramento River for the first time in 10 years, which also opened up new opportunities for gold hunters.

Specialists speak about earning chances

This year, the gold rush revived in California, although not on such a large scale as 169 years ago. But just as in earlier times, this story is about gold and people patient and perseverant enough to change their lives. Diana Clayton, president of the Shasta Association of Miners and Explorers, noted that metal hunters know the area well and own information about changes in the area, which allows them to find gold near rivers and streams.

Specialists say that the amount of gold recently found has increased dramatically, which has boosted the interest in professional miners. They know where the rock is washed out by rain, where cracks are formed, and how to extract gold properly.

It is known that a large gold mine is located near the Oroville dam. However, official sources from the Land Resources Administration claim that the chance to find gold in this area is extremely low. In their opinion, basically everything has been already excavated and precious metal taken away.

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