Carrying 10 KG of gold in your jeans? Hm…

Carrying 10 KG of gold in your jeans? Hm…


One of the biggest smuggling attempts was prevented at Delhi International Airport. How was it?

What? When? Where?


On Tuesday evening, September 19th, the attention of airport officers was attracted by a man who arrived from Dubai. He was visibly nervous, walked awkwardly and very slowly, which was the reason for his interception for checking.

There was nothing strange found in his luggage, but 13 gold bars weighing about a kilogram each were discovered hidden... in his jeans! It was obviously difficult for him to move with such extra weight.


Preliminary examination of the "golden" courier revealed that the 39-year-old Egyptian national was only an intermediary delivering a valuable cargo to unknown persons in Delhi. Smuggling worth more than $30 million was recovered, and the criminal was detained for further prosecution.

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