[CHERRY BLOSSOM] The Sun Brings Gold!

[CHERRY BLOSSOM] The Sun Brings Gold!


The Sutherland company has come up with a very original idea to celebrate how the good weather has brought very fruitful crops this year.

Read on and find out the initiative of this cherry-export company.

A strong demand for cherries this summer

The company Sutherland S.A. started noticing the good trajectory that awaits its product on May 4th, when they exported a huge amount of California cherries.

This successful crop was followed by a great production in Washington and Canada too, strongly benefited by the good weather. Thanks to this, Sutherland will export Washington cherries by June 16th and Canada cherries by June 27th.

Rick Chong, the company's director of sales, said: “The cherry crops are looking healthy and we are anticipating a very good crop. Sutherland volumes are expected to exceed 500,000-700,000 boxes this season, with the strongest demand for our fruit being in China and Vietnam.”

A golden surprise in your cherries box

Sutherland plans to export 100 cherries boxes between June and September, and they can include an unusual type of cherry: a cherry made of 24-karat gold! Each gold cherry is priced at est. $1,888.

This luxurious option will be available in the boxes for “China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Dubai,” said Mr. Chong, “China and Singapore are among the areas in which the boxes have received the most interest so far.”

Celebrate with gold.