Conspiracy or Truth: Are there gold reserves left in USA?

Conspiracy or Truth: Are there gold reserves left in USA?


According to the U.S. Mint, there are currently 147.3 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox, USA. But, what if there was no gold left?

A theory holds that there are no gold reserves in the United States. Is it true?

Fort Knox is an army post in the state of Kentucky, USA. It is also the place where more than half of the United States' official gold reserves are being held since 1937.

For years, people have wondered whether Fort Knox could actually be empty. What if there is no gold to back the U.S. dollar? Where would be that gold now? There are many questions and few answers.

A conspiracy or a hidden truth?

The reason people think there is no gold is because nobody has been able to enter Fort Knox and visit the vaults of the gold reserves for almost 45 years. Exactly on September 23th, 1974, many members of the Congress and the media accessed the building and took pictures of the gold reserves.

Recently, a team of members of the Congress have requested entry to Fort Knox. However, they have been denied the access by the United States Treasury and Mint departments.

What if there was no gold left in Fort Knox?

It is difficult to believe that the gold reserves have been taken away. But if that were the case, there would be many questions and the markets would shake.

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