Decembers Global 100 winners

Decembers Global 100 winners


The Global 100 contest is over now, and it is time to announce December's three winners. Are you ready to know their names?

First of all, we would like to thank every participant for having taken part in the contest. We share wonderful moments together when announcing the winners or holding awards ceremonies. The Global 100 contest is over, but Global InterGold will hold more competitions and contests!

December's winners will be awarded during May 6th-7th right in the Global Assembly 2017, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur.

These three people will go on stage to receive their prizes:

3rd place — Jose Ignacio Martinez Borba

This client will receive 1 ounce of gold!

2nd place — Andrey Dzhlavyan

The second-place winner will get a 50 g gold bar.

1st place — Gevork Dzhlavyan

For winning two consecutive months, our first-place winner receives 200 grams of gold

plus the “Gold Businessman” title.

Congratulations to the winners on having won Global 100's last round! The company will contact you personally.

We wish you the best of success! See you in Malaysia!