Do your kids love SpongeBob Squarepants? Then, theyll love gold too!

Do your kids love SpongeBob Squarepants? Then, theyll love gold too!


Now, you are a proud business person. You run a wonderful gold business. But you are a parent too. And what could be better than your kids wanting to follow your gold career?

Right, what a feeling! Well, we assure you that with this piece of news your kids will love gold too!

Who lives in a pineapple and loves gold? SpongeBob Squarepants!

There's no need to go under the sea to appreciate the works inspired by this famous cartoon character. The latest one has been produced in the world of fashion, and it bears the name of “New SpongeBob Gold Collection”.

Muse to six international designers

The “New SpongeBob Gold Collection” was launched at London Fashion Week together with a buffet of pineapples on sticks, character cookies, and cupcakes inspired in the TV series too.

Its creators, Bobby Abley for menswear, Peter Jensen for womenswear, the bag label 'Salar', the sports brand 'Suecomma Bonnie', the jeans label 'Bad Denim', and the jewellery label 'Maria Francesca Pepe', will offer this 27-piece collection for sale in May 2017.

“I’ve always felt the concept of pop defined the core of my creations,” explains Maria Francesca Pepe of her contribution. “Developing an exclusive capsule collection of jewellery featuring the pop sensation SpongeBob felt such a match! I find SpongeBob’s positive vibe and vibrant energy so addicting.”

Just like many of your little ones do!

These fashion designers have managed to give gold a new, fresh approach while giving the cartoon character a different and sophisticated touch. Irresistible for daring gold business people and future ones!

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