Dont put off life for later!

Dont put off life for later!



Tomorrow I will definitely quit smoking, I will start going to the gym, I will clean the apartment, I will finish what I once started...

How often do we make such promises and hear them from others? Yet when tomorrow comes, nothing happens. People find thousands of excuses to postpone their plans for another day, and then another and another... Putting off a goal for later is called procrastination.

As a result, nothing changes. Getting off the ground becomes a real challenge, life becomes stagnant. Meanwhile, problems accumulate, piling one on top of the other, so putting them on hold becomes increasingly difficult.


Why you mustn’t put off the goal


1. Downgrading the importance

If you constantly put off your goal, it loses its importance, relevance, eventually becoming insignificant. Soon enough, you risk forgetting about it completely.


2. Delaying the result

Procrastination moves you away from the goal, postponing the deadline of its implementation. In the end, you can miss out the best moment for the implementation of the plan.


3. Bad habit

Putting off for later quickly turns into a habit. Imagine you get a task at work that needs to be completed on time. You think: “Why rush it, I still have a few more days. I'll start tomorrow.” But procrastination has already taken over the mind, forcing you to put things off again and again. As a result, the task will have to be done at an accelerated pace on the last day.


How to start taking action

Oftentimes goals set seem to us way too complicated and full of disparate elements that hinder establishing a connection between them. This undermines determination and makes you want to postpone the task indefinitely.



The first step in the fight against procrastination is to clearly formulate the goal and work it out to the smallest detail.

But even this step triggers the urge to postpone it, right?


Fortunately, there is the GoalSet Master project that helps you to get down to working on the goal from the first seconds.

The special technique on which the project is based allows you to turn your attention to a specific task and search for effective solutions.


With GoalSet Master, you will learn everything about your goal:

  • what real, not far-fetched result it will give you;

  • what means are necessary to achieve it;

  • which factors can interfere with the process, and which, on the contrary, will help you a great deal.


Knowledge provides an incentive to action. If you know the path to the goal, and all the obstacles that stand in the way have been identified and examined in advance, there is no reason to delay. There is a desire to take action and achieve success.


Say NO to procrastination and use GoalSet Master right now!

Do not put off life for later!