Elvis Presleys gold revolver is now for sale!

Elvis Presleys gold revolver is now for sale!


Memorabilia from the King of Rock'n'Roll

Most likely, you know many valuable items that belonged to the rock star. This gun was not one of the most known, but it has a huge historical value.

The gold revolver comes with a custom-made leather case with Elvis' name stamped on it, and it has gone through a lot of hands. There are only four pictures of Elvis with the gun, but several articles and books record its history.

Elvis first gave the gun to Vice-President Spiro Agnew on December, 1970; the fact with greater historical relevance. The Vice-President himself gave it back to Elvis due to problems with the legality of his activities. The revolver was later given to the Sheriff Gene Barksdale of Shelby County, Alabama.

You may think that the value of this object is almost priceless. And you are right. But it is now being sold by California memorabilia company 'Moments in Time', and five years ago it was priced at $275,000.

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