[Experts opinion] How does the Trump Factor influence gold?

[Experts opinion] How does the Trump Factor influence gold?


How is Donald Trump's presidency affecting the gold market and prices?

Let's find out!

Experts at Bloomberg News believe that the uncertainty during Trump’s administration will stimulate the growth of gold prices for years ahead.

What is the reason behind such a strong influence?

Donald Trump has already earned himself a reputation of a president with "unconventional methods", particularly in trade decisions and tax system reforming.

Russell Chesler, Investments and Portfolio Strategy Director of the VanEck investment company in Australia, spoke about the so-called Trump Factor:

"Over the last couple months, everybody's become obsessed with Trump, his actions, statements and of course his tweets. We think this is going to continue. It's an up-and-down ride and these risks are going to be positive for gold going forward.”

What other factors complete the picture?

At the moment, there are fluctuations in the market related to the Federal Reserve’s decision on the rise of the interest rates that is expected to be taken next week.

Moreover, the current inflation increment in the United States, the consequences of Brexit, and the forthcoming elections in European countries dramatize the international economy.

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