Fashion meets Technology: Golds debut in Asia

Fashion meets Technology: Golds debut in Asia


It is difficult to imagine a necklace performing any other task than that of a necklace. Fashion has always been there to adorn our lives, but in the 21st century, it will also make our daily lives easier.

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A necklace that acts as earphones!

The German tech company Jaxmotech has developed this necklace. Users can wear the necklace and connect it to their phones when they want to make or receive phone calls.

The necklace is compatible with smartphones and MP3 players and it can take/end phone calls, play/pause music, and shuffle song tracks. It also has an integrated microphone with which to make hands-free phone calls.

The golden necklace's debut in Asia

The necklace is sold in seven different colors, but the Rose Gold one is the market's favorite. Available in Europe since late 2014, this necklace/earphones have finally made their way to Asia in 2017.

The golden necklace is specially popular in Kuala Lumpur and other countries like Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Global InterGold's gold bars also succeed in Asia

The Global InterGold company is proud to have many Asian customers aboard. The Online Gold Shop's high quality gold bars have already conquered the Asian market and have contributed to improve the personal economy of the clients.

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