Financial management: saving reasonably, without going to extremes

Financial management: saving reasonably, without going to extremes



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Nowadays, the ability to properly manage finances is becoming increasingly important. Life on credit seems no longer appealing — today living within one’s means and creating savings are way more popular concepts.

The 10% savings rule has been widely known — experts recommend saving this share of your income to create savings.


The main thing — don’t get carried away

It often turns out that it is rather easy to follow this rule without denying oneself the usual joys of life. There is a temptation to save more than 10%, gradually increasing the limit, so the person does not even notice how he/she goes to extremes.

The idea of saving money turns into an obsession for such a person, an end in itself. The person adheres to limits in everything for the sake of this goal: he/she dresses in old clothes, almost in rags, buys the cheapest and lowest-quality food. The attempt to manage finances rationally develops into ordinary greed, which causes inconvenience to the proponent of austerity himself/herself and his/her loved ones.


Pauper with a full piggy bank

Imagine that the income level of such a person remains stable, perhaps it is increasing. But at the same time, the lack of money becomes even more apparent. There is a desire to buy something, but it is quickly reined in, because the task has been set: to save up, for example, 40% of the salary every month. Thus, a person, despite having enough money, lives in poverty.

It is hardly surprising that such a situation has a detrimental effect on family relationships. Tension grows between close people, mutual grievances accumulate, quarrels break out, oftentimes leading to divorce.


The most reasonable approach

Saving 10–15% — the best option for the vast majority of people. By sticking to this rule, you will not have to change established habits and become a “pauper with a full piggy bank”.

The principle of reasonable economy formed the basis of the new GIG-OS platform projects for profitable and convenient creation of savings in gold.


GIG-OS Time Shift allows you to pay for 100-gram bars in parts, choosing a payment schedule convenient for you. You will be able to purchase the world’s most popular 100-gram bar by paying for smaller bars in series. Upon completion of the deal, you will receive additional +5 or +10 grams of gold!


GIG-OS Fixing allows you to fix the cost of a 100-gram bar so that fluctuations in the market price of gold would not complicate your purchase. If the market price of gold rises at the time of the completion of the deal, the platform will compensate for the difference of the fixed cost and the new cost of the bar in the amount of the subscription cost.


This means that you do not need to give up the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to, the coveted purchases, visits to cafes and moviegoing with your family. You can take your time to accumulate gold reserves by making small payments when it is convenient for you.


Maximum benefit, minimum effort

By participating in projects of the GIG-OS platform, you get a triple benefit:

1. Create a financial reserve for a decent life in the future.

2. You protect your savings from inflation and other crisis phenomena with the help of gold.

3. You ensure peace of mind and confidence in the future, a sense of Financial Security.

All this without any discomfort and burden on the family budget!


Sounds interesting?

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