Finest Aztec gold found in Mexico!

Finest Aztec gold found in Mexico!


A 500-year old gold treasure was discovered in the very heart of Mexico City.

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Gold grave of ancient Aztecs

Unique treasure languished for centuries just a few steps from the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico. Located next to the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan, the spot was once considered sacred and used for sacrifices execution.

In a stone vault, the remains of a wolf cub adorned with gold ornaments were found. According to archaeologists, the present finding is one of sacrificial offerings to the god of the sun and war Huitzilopochtli made somewhat between 1486 and 1502.

What are the artefacts?

Archaeologists in charge of excavation works have already noted that the discovered objects are the largest and most refined ever found in Mexico. A total of 22 pieced includes pendants, nose rings, a chest plate and various elements of armor characterized by a very sophisticated gold-work.

Interestingly, a sewage line was laid down really close to the spot: a few meters separated workers from the treasure. If they had discovered it, most probably they would just have ransacked it right away.

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