Free ice cream for the rest of your life?

Free ice cream for the rest of your life?


Yes, if you have the one and only gold cone!

How to obtain it? Read on to know. 

McDonald’s makes a golden offer to celebrate the National Ice Cream Day

All fans of ice cream are thrilling with delight! The most famous fast food franchise is giving away a jaw-dropping prize: gold cone whose owner will have the access to an unlimited amount of ice cream!

It is a precise replica of an ordinary waffle cone with the only difference: it is made of copper and real gold. Anywhere in the world you will be offered ice cream on the house with this exclusive artifact!

Global InterGold opens up golden opportunities on a regular basis!

Can’t believe it’s true? Ask those who have already won luxurious cruises, gold bars and a whole kilogram of gold!

Can you imagine how much ice cream you can buy for 38,000 euros, which is the approximate cost of 1 kg of gold?