Fresh Business Ideas for 2017!

Fresh Business Ideas for 2017!


What to devote yourself to this year? We have gathered a list comprising some good business options in which you will find that sense of freedom you wish for!

Which are 2017’s most popular business ideas in terms of profit and expenses? Find it out!

Fresh Business Ideas for 2017


Being a popular photographer can be hard but very profitable. There are many events in our lives in which we require the presence of a good photographer to capture those special moments. However, this profession is highly competitive: you will have to use your creativity to the fullest.

When it comes to expenses, this business needs a good amount to get started. You'll need a good camera and lighting equipment, and you'll also need to spend money on education and renting. You will most likely have to work for free too at the beginning to become known.

Minimum starting costs: ~5,000 EUR

Income generation: low (first months without profit)

Online store

This is one of the most popular options, though not one of the easiest. Selling products in your own shop can be challenging. You have to take many things into account: finding trusted suppliers, good payment methods, high quality goods, etc.

You may also need to hire staff to process orders, replenish the stock, update the offers of the store, manage the accounting, etc.

As in photography, this area is also highly competitive. In order to get good income, you'll need good promotion, like being among the first search results on the Internet.

Minimum starting costs: ~ 5,000 – 50,000 EUR (depending on the product)

Income generation: low (first months without or with low profit)

Fast food business

Nowadays, the sale of fast food is very popular. However, the fast food business has many drawbacks: renting a good spot can be quite expensive, and you will have to get a license to work with food products as well as to pass numerous sanitary and other checks.

Another amount of expenses come from the purchase of fresh and high quality food products, finding good suppliers, and food leftovers.

Minimum starting costs: ~ 7,000 – 10,000 EUR (depending on the product and premises location)

Income generation: low (first months without or with low profit)


This is a good option for those who know how to cook, knit, make soap, or do any other kind of handcraft. Turning your hobby into a source of income is many people's dream, but it is not that easy.

In a small city for example, the number of customers can be very low. However, a large city brings a lot of competition, be it a physical or an online shop. Promotion is crucial.

As in any business, stable and profitable sales are not guaranteed: you will have to work hard for your success.

Minimum starting costs: depending on type of handcraft and materials used

Income generation: unpredictable

Gold business

The gold business is currently enjoying from a huge popularity since it is no longer available only to investors: private individuals can run their own gold business and make a living out of it. Apart from being a good professional career, it is a very effective way to both earn and protect your money.

Global InterGold is one of the most acclaimed companies in the gold market, offering its clients to acquire gold bars easily in addition to the development of their own businesses with gold.

Without the need of high starting costs, the gold business has proved to be highly profitable in terms of income, and a great way to meet new people, travel the world, and develop a prestigious career.

Minimum starting costs: 150 EUR

Income generation: ~7,000 EUR within the first month (income depends on your work only)

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