[Full article] Grand Summer Voyage 2016. Sun, Sea, Shore & Success!

[Full article] Grand Summer Voyage 2016. Sun, Sea, Shore & Success!


Grand Summer Voyage 2016 – Luxurious vacation days

The morning after the Global Tour 2016 conference in Barcelona, two limousines parked in front of the hotel of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 winners. They drove around the most beautiful landscapes of the city and later embarked on the ship.

A champagne toast in the dinner marked the beginning of this cruise – a way of going beyond the limits of what we usually think of as a travel!

Harmony of the Seas – A harmony you’ll wish you could hold onto forever

Have you ever tasted a cocktail in a jacuzzi under the blue sky? It was one of the many choices on board Harmony of the Seas!


The largest ship of the world offered our champions a laid-back atmosphere, a wide range of leisure-time activities including surfing, swimming, theatre, shows, clubs... and in summary, anything they wished!

To get a well-deserved rest in this floating city, they had exclusive 5-star cabins with a splendid view of the sea and the waves lapping below.

Shore leave! Excursions in Mediterranean cities

Clients immersed themselves together in the fascinating cultures of Spain, France and Italy. They visited Palma de Mallorca, Marseilles, La Spezia (near Florence and Pisa), Rome and Naples.


Each city was more impressive than the next! They all provided them with non-stop wonders, sensations and impressions.

Seeking success in the 1kg Gold Contest worth 38,000 EUR!

Harmony of the Seas became a wonderful oasis of peace, yet the winners made the most of their time to lay the groundwork for their success. 
They fulfilled the first 2 tasks of the 1kg Gold Contest. In Marseilles, they recorded the most creative videos and Naples became the perfect background for their original selfies! On the last day, they prepared for the last and most important task!

Global InterGold competitions = Priceless awards

Global InterGold competitions offer more than ordinary ones: participating and achieving results in any contest also involves growing and expanding the business which translates into more income.

Global InterGold prizes are more than ordinary ones: they mean prestige, status, acknowledgement from the company... or unforgettable experiences such as the Grand Summer Voyage 2016.

Who will win 1kg of gold? Check the current ranking at: 1kg Gold Contest page


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