"George Washington" Gold Coin for $1,7 million

"George Washington" Gold Coin for $1,7 million



In August 2018, the American Heritage Auction Service sold a rare 18th-century gold coin with the image of the first US President George Washington. The one-of-a-kind coin was issued in 1792 and still is of particular numismatic value.

The US Mint presented Washington a gold coin with his image on it, hoping that the President would choose it as a benchmark for minting the rest of the US coins. The head of state didn’t support the idea of stamping his portrait on money, but the Mint still received an order to mint coins depicting George Washington.

In the photo: according to historians, the president always carried a commemorative coin around with him.

The first “Golden Washington” coin represents an important part of the US history. In 1942, it was secretly bought by American numismatist Eric P. Newman, whose vast collection of coins was the largest in the country at that time. Newman died in 2017, and his family decided to put up a valuable exhibit for sale.

In 2018, the selling price amounted to $1,74 million. According to the auction house, all the proceeds went to charity.


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