Get 100g of gold and more with Global 100! Who are the winners of August?

Get 100g of gold and more with Global 100! Who are the winners of August?


Dear office workers, students, freelancers, and everybody else, this is meant for you! You can start your own business and get 100 grams of gold worth more than 3,600 EUR!

And this is not a lottery! The Global InterGold company gives gold bars in exchange for the promotion of its products and services.

Your results depend on your own efforts. Take part in the contest and get your own gold bars as these winners did last month!

What is Global InterGold? What is the Global 100 contest about? And why are these within the reach of all?

The Global InterGold company specializes in the purchase and sale of investment gold bars. Gold is a highly profitable product that protects net worth and stimulates economic growth. Unfortunately, gold is not affordable for everybody.

This is why Global InterGold has found a solution for making gold available for everybody!

What does it consist in?

All Global InterGold's customers can buy gold for 5-15% of the total sum (7,000 EUR) of a set of gold bars, and offset the rest with bonuses received for successful recommendations. Gold bars can be sold back to the Online Gold Shop any time and make you earn! As a result, the company’s customer portfolio expands and its customers’ income increases.

This simple business model has made the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop gain popularity worldwide. Over 2 million customers in 5 continents and growing, as the company keeps on exploring new markets!

What is Global 100?

Global 100 is not just a contest, it is also a source of additional income and motivation for GIG's clients. By participating in Global 100 and recommending Global InterGold's goods and services, customers can receive additional 1 ounce, 50 g and 100 g of gold.

Plan your victory with Global 100! Select your tactics, step into action, and reach success!

Rules of the contest

Easy and simple: the three people making the greatest number of successful recommendations within a month, get gold bars. And if you win during two consecutive months, an additional 100 g gold bar is granted!

August winners:

Find out who are the winners of Global 100 in August!

3rd PLACE:

Janice Del Mundo Gonzales, Australia - 1 ounce of gold

2nd PLACE:

July Vergara Macapas, the Philippines - 50 g of gold

1st PLACE:

Gevork Dzhlavyan, Russia - 100 g of gold and the honorary title of “Global InterGold Gold Businessman”

We sincerely congratulate the winners on their efficient development of the gold business in August! They have received well-deserved prizes! Contact them to know all the details of their victories and high income with Global InterGold! 

You are welcome to read the instructions on how to become a Global InterGold's client and earn real money.