GIGs conference in Perm: business, gold, income, and ... The Gala Festival!

GIGs conference in Perm: business, gold, income, and ... The Gala Festival!


On Sunday, September 18th, a Global InterGold's conference took place in Perm, Russia together with the Gala Festival "Golden Age 2016". This conference and festival cocktail attracted clients from all parts of Russia.

Customers from Russia at the Global InterGold conference in Perm

Global InterGold's conference and the Gala Festival were held at the Ural Hotel and Hotel New Star, where more than 100 guests gathered for the event, having arrived from different parts of the country:

  • The Republic of Udmurtia, including the city of Izhevsk

  • Perm Krai, including the city of Osa

  • The Tuvan People's Republic, including the city of Kyzyl

  • St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia

  • Moscow , the capital of Russia

Program: useful information and interviews

Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development for Global InterGold, delivered the keynote speech and spoke about the gold business development in Russia, the company’s current results, and future plans.

Following him, the acclaimed Global InterGold's leader, Mr. Ukvasov, gave a speech about economics and business, where he shared his experience and knowledge with the audience.

As a tradition at each Global InterGold's conference, the attendees took pictures and recorded several interviews giving their opinion about the event. All of them admitted that joining GIG's business was one of the best decisions they have ever taken.

The organizers provided the guests of this event with further information on how to promote the business, including educational videos and films.

Gala Festival "Golden Age 2016"

This festival offered the clients more than a delicious banquet. The perfect accompaniment to such a meal could be no other than film projections. These videos showed extra information about the business, a footage that encouraged the clients' business development and personal growth. One example is the film the leader Lia Romanova created herself; a very interesting video that concerned family values, dreams, and the role of gold in our lives.

Perm enjoyed a Leaders Award Ceremony as well as a Global 100 Award Ceremony too. The first-place winner of the Global 100 contest received a well-deserved gold bar! Are you participating the contest too? If not, it is time to join and win!