Global 100 October winners were not the last ones!

Global 100 October winners were not the last ones!


Before announcing the winners, we would like to remind you that each competition round starts from scratch, which means that any GIG client has the chance to win.

Whose moment of glory has come now?

The midmonth is behind. Everyone willing to pass verification have done it, and so the results of the contest are determined. It is time to announce the winners!

3rd place and 1 ounce of gold:

Loreta Pedro Moehle

2nd place and 50 g of gold:

Andrey Dzhlavyan

1st place:

Gevork Dzhlavyan

His prizes are 100g of gold and the honorary title of “Gold Businessman”.

Congratulations to the winners!

You asked for it, and we prolonged the contest. Compete until December 31st!

And after November 15th, we will announce the new owners of precious gold bars.

The name of the winner of the year will be known soon. The company will present him a ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage!

There is a place for you on the pedestal too.

How to take it? Read the rules and find out!