Global Convention 2017 — occasion that changed it all

Global Convention 2017 — occasion that changed it all


Hundreds of smiles, dozens of different languages, flags, national costumes are just the tip of the iceberg called Global Convention 2017!

What is Global Convention?

This is an international conference that for the 7th year in a row keeps bringing together hundreds of gold business people, opening up new opportunities for earning and professional development for them. Every year, it becomes the climax of the year, the moment of presentation of the newest tools and products, summing up the results of work and announcing of future plans.

This year, the event was held during November 3rd-4th in Munich and attended by clients from 50 countries from 5 continents. 

What happened at the Global Convention?

The company's management has been getting ready for this event for more than 2 years. All this time, there was an active work being conducted on creating steps that would unite the company and customers even more.


Many surprises awaited conference guests. The audience was introduced to the new company's president Dmitry Aksenov known to many as a wise and experienced business mentor. He took the floor with a detailed analysis of the company's corporate culture and philosophy as well as revealed the significance of the idea of "Financial Security for you and your family."

A lot of attention was paid to the company's goals and values which create the basis for a fruitful joint advancement. So, the participants were able to get acquainted with the code that united the philosophy of antiquity and the realities of modernity, setting the course for collective behavior and boosting development pace for years to come. The company's intentions found their solid reflection in exclusive branded gold bars "Aristippus' Code" named after the great philosopher of antiquity Aristippus of Cyrene.


Apart from these stunning events, the convention embraced the Global InterGold's Gold Exhibition where customers could not only get acquainted with the company's products, but also hold 1-kilo gold bars in their hands. And one kilogram of gold was awarded to one of the customers as a prize for winning the 1 KG Gold Contest! At the end of the second day, solemn ceremonies were held to award leaders and winners of the "Great Heart" nomination.

Why is the Global Convention the most important event of the year?

The Global Convention 2017 was the starting point for a new vector of business development and relations between the company and customers. It opened new horizons of work and earning to the clients, make use of them to the maximum!

Do you want to see all the secrets of Munich with your own eyes? Watch the video!

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