Global Events website launched! Make the best of your events to earn faster!

Global Events website launched! Make the best of your events to earn faster!


Global Events: earnings and business with gold

Global Events is a platform where both clients and the company display information about upcoming events such as conferences or webinars conducted by experienced and international businessmen.

They are willing to share their experience on achieving success and generating high income as well as to provide their audiences with techniques of efficient business promotion.

What to know about Global Events?

Global Events serves you to find any upcoming event of your convenience, to get informed about its program, and to apply for it. Two basic types of events are normally held: conferences and webinars. Select and attend the ones you are interested in and be ready to explore new earning possibilities with business experts.

Global Events will help you to discover experts' advice on how to run your own profitable business and earn 5,000 – 10,000 EUR per month. Do not miss hundreds of possibilities of traveling the world either!

How to attend an event?

Go to the events map, click on the country's flag of interest determining the event location, select the type of event, and click on "Join now!" Then, fill in the registration form and wait for an e-mail notification. Mission accomplished!

This website has been developed in partnership with Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. Participate in conferences and webinars with Global Events, get inspired by successful businessmen, and increase your income!

Welcome to Global Events

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