Global InterGold Conference in Japan: Tokyo is strewn with branded gold!

Global InterGold Conference in Japan: Tokyo is strewn with branded gold!


On 19th and 20th March, the Land of the Rising Sun hosted a two-day Global Tour 2016 conference in the very heart of its capital. Customers from all over Japan and guests from 9 countries arrived in Tokyo to participate in it.

From which countries did the guests came? What surprises awaited them in the mysterious Japan? What opportunities are now available for Global InterGold customers in Asia?

New opportunities with Global InterGold in Japan

The presentation of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop products took place on 19th and 20th March in the center of Tokyo, the principal city of Japan.

The company's management provided the local and international customers with up-to-date relevant information about gold business opportunities. For the first time in Japan, the company's management awarded customers with Leaders Awards. And, for the first time ever in a Global InterGold event, they announced the new gold bars with the Global InterGold logo produced on special order.

This event allowed attendees from 10 countries to get acquainted with innovation approach to gold business which helps people on five continents to gain financial freedom.

What countries showed their interest in Asia's business expansion? What surprises expected the guests at Mielparque and New Otani Tokyo hotels?

Customers arrived in the Japanese capital from various countries including Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia and, certainly, Japan.

The first day of the conference took place in the splendid hotel Mielparque Tokyo, where the guests had a chance to get to know gold businessmen from all over the world. The official part of the second conference day was held in the majestic 40-storey New Otani hotel with its own waterfall and a variety of exquisite restaurants. What a fantastic place for this Global Tour event to be held!

The conference started with ritual Taiko dances with drum accompaniment as a gift for the guests for these rhythms are believed to bring good luck and success. Japan greeted its guests in a fascinating and unforgettable way!

The Global InterGold management announced the new gold bars with the Global InterGold logo

The convention program started with the Development Director's speech who informed about the new GIG-branded gold bars. The audience was really excited about this piece of news. The introduction of this new product means a new level in the Global InterGold business, which increases the reliability of the company.

From now on GIG-branded gold bars will be be granted to the most outstanding leaders to praise them for their business development and dedication.

The attendees witnessed the presentation of the new gold prizes line.

New awards, new bonuses, new opportunities for business development all over the globe are leading us to the high noon of gold business.

Business expansion in Asia becomes a global breakthrough in the gold market

In their Global InterGold reviews, the conference's attendees highlighted the fact that the Online Gold Shop allows them to conduct their business independently. They can develop their business in the moment and place of their choice. This is an opportunity to continuously develop their business while traveling, plan a long vacation and earn money in the meanwhile.

The scale of the events as well as new awards are a major indicator of the gold business' upswing.

The Global InterGold customers from Japan highly appreciate gold since it is closely interrelated with the culture. A curious fact: “gold” and “money” are captured in one word and symbol in Japanese: kin, 金. The Land of the Rising Sun inhabitants consider these concepts as inseparable.

Customers believe in gold and are interested in gold income. Out of the 300 guests who attended the event, 125 collected their well-deserved awards on stage. These Leaders Awards were granted for their support and guidance of their teams in running their own gold business.

What do you need to be a successful businessman in Asia and other regions?

In order to continually replenish your financial and gold reserves and to make your life more enjoyable, they are to be involved in the company's activities and committed in the expansion of their business. They can do so by following the news on the official Global InterGold websites, learning the rules and conditions, organizing events, etc.

Financial freedom is a natural right and choice of everyone.

The company supports its customers by introducing advanced tools for business promotion, organizing competitions, bringing a camera crew to events for customers, etc. In collaboration with the Global InterGold marketing department, the management updates the GoldSet marketing incentives program, which provides hundreds of thousands of people with a stable and high income. For the most committed and persevering leaders, the company has established the titles of «Grand Leader» and «Global Leader».

The Global InterGold company would like to thank the organizers of the Global Tour 2016 activities and dedicated customers focused on mutual prosperity.

Gold is the legitimate money for all!

Follow the updates and find all the information you need to increase your income.