Global InterGold informs: what happened in the company this week?

Global InterGold informs: what happened in the company this week?


The week of 5 to 9 December has been very eventful. The last plans implemented in 2016 have enjoyed strong appeal with you, our customer.

What has been new this week?

Gold Business Gift Cards

Right after being launched, our Gift Cards became this Christmas' best gift! Besides being a luxurious present, Gold and Business are perfect for fulfilling all sort of dreams: both will provide economic stability and prosperity for the lucky ones!

The number of clients in Russia and Ukraine has grown

The gold business is clearly picking up steam in Russia and Ukraine, where a considerable growth in the number of clients has been observed. We welcome our new clients and wish them a great success in their first steps!

Global Assembly 2017: Registration is open!

We extend you a warm welcome and an invitation to the most important business event of 2017.

We will take care of the program, bring the most acclaimed speakers, prepare exclusive surprises, provide the best equipment for you to record videos... All you have to do is get a ticket! See you there!

Global Christmas Ball & Business Conference 2016

You can decide where and how celebrate Christmas and New Year, but in mid-December we have a proposal in St Petersburg, Russia, which includes a feast for all senses. Get advice from important leaders and enjoy the best celebration to bid farewell to this wonderful year!

Global Tour 2017: Indonesia & Thailand

Asia will be the first continent hosting the Global Tour 2017. This week, we announced the events which will take place in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Global InterGold, management and leaders included, lands in the Asian continent to bring knowledge about this business opportunity closer to the public.

Global 100: Winners of November

We announced the three winners of the Global 100 contest! They will get one gold bar each, and everyone will get one extra chance to get gold bars since the contest has been prolonged until December!

The GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders also count!

Second edition of the "1kg Gold Contest"

Talking about contests, the success of the “1kg Gold Contest” could not go unnoticed. By popular request, we have organized the second edition of the contest!

Participate in the Grand Summer Voyage Competition 2017 and compete for this incredible prize.

Full calendar in the office in Mexico

After the inauguration of Global InterGold's representative office in Mexico City, success did not take long to show itself: the calendar of meetings and seminars is full!

You can also request an appointment to organize meetings here.

What videos are new this week?

This video comes courtesy of our Design Department. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas!