Global InterGold is holding a contest for 1 kg of gold on board the largest cruise ship in the world!

Global InterGold is holding a contest for 1 kg of gold on board the largest cruise ship in the world!


Close your eyes and imagine yourself going on a cruise across the Mediterranean sea on board the largest ship in the world and getting gold worth of more than 30,000 EUR. Dream or reality?

Reality! That is what is happening right now on the Harmony of the Seas, where Global InterGold's customers are relaxing and competing for 1 kg of gold. Would you like to know what are the customers doing on board and how to be amongst the fortunate ones? Find it out!

We believe that the better the company's customers feel, the more successfully they develop their businesses.

What do Global InterGold customers do?

They develop their own businesses by recommending Global InterGold's goods: gold bars. They are also able to get this valuable product by participating in the company's competitions.

How did these customers get on board the Harmony of the Seas?

They simply won the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 competition! They managed to successfully develop their businesses by recommending the company, recording videos, participating in GIG’s business events and, consequently, earning substantial income. And now one of them has the opportunity of winning the astonishing prize of 1 kg of gold!

What is the competition like?

The participants of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 are accomplishing certain tasks that, we are sure, you would perfectly accomplish too!

Task 1

When the cruise ship reached Marseilles, the participants had to find three locations by resolving riddles and record videos there as a background.

They successfully found the highest point of the city - Notre-Dame de la Garde, the water tower next to the famous fountain "Water Castle" (Chateau D'eau); and also the Château d'If, where they recorded videos with those marvelous sights at their backs.

To complete the tasks, contestants were helped by locals to reach their destinations!

The second and third stages of the competition are yet to come

Stay tuned for the new photo and video reports! They will be available soon!

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a prize of the first 1kg of gold ever given by the company.

Will the customers be able to accomplish the remaining tasks? Who will be the winner of the competition? How to enjoy the same success next year?

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