Global InterGolds clients from Latin America comment on the business

Global InterGolds clients from Latin America comment on the business


Every Global InterGold client is unique. Each of them has their own experience in the business, but all of them show persistence and iron will.

Read about the experience of 3 Global InterGold clients and enjoy their fascinating stories and useful recommendations on how to run the gold business.

Thanks for holding an event in Uruguay! - On events and motivation

Thank you, Global InterGold, for this incredible opportunity. I have to say that I started this business with great passion and determination. I was taught the basic values for this business during my military career: discipline and ethical standards.

The business is not so widespread in my country, so I faced some difficulties. But on the other hand, being able to overcome them was one of the reasons that encouraged me to keep on developing the business with deeper commitment.

I would like to specially acknowledge the great professional support I receive on the part of a team from Uruguay. They are constantly giving me advice for developing the business. For example, the event in Montevideo (ed. note) was a strong source of motivation for me. After attending it, I realized that my own team is clearly ready to participate in events and conferences (ed. note).

I would also like to add that our team works following a daily routine. We conduct the business with seriousness, perseverance, and professionalism.

D. V.,


GIG is the best in the industry – On business and support

I am very thankful to the company for its constant support.

The business has been a difficult road to travel for me, but I work hard every single day to become more professional and achieve better results.

I would also like to say a few words about my team. I always advise them to stay united and act together. This is a big business, a big company; and therefore, you have to be dedicated.

All that I have achieved by now results from regular training. I do believe that this company is the best in the industry. It is my motivation.



Success in Argentina – On team development and improvement

We are a team from Argentina and, at the beginning, we had to prove people they could trust us. It was a bit difficult, but as we acquired more experience, we realized that we had to act by following a plan. Team and personal results would be better that way.

We have also been following the example of other successful people in the business to reach our own. We will keep on self-developing during the coming months.

I recommend everyone to follow the steps of those having already attained great results. You learn from the best!

I would also like to thank the company for making great videos, like this one about Argentina (ed. note) ссылка, which was specially helpful for us. Let us have more of them!




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