Global InterGold’s office opening in Geneva: a firm step to a better business

Global InterGold’s office opening in Geneva: a firm step to a better business


We keep on expanding worldwide! Our new representative office is about to open in Geneva, Switzerland, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Have you already started your own journey towards financial independence? Do not miss the chance to do it right now: the new opportunities of Global InterGold's gold business are better than ever before!

Why Geneva?

Geneva is one of the most important economic centers in the world, and also one of the largest centers of international gold trade. In 1987, the World Gold Council was founded there and it has been engaged in the promotion of the yellow metal ever since.

When will the official opening take place?

Guests will attend the celebration of the office inauguration on May 18th, from 15:00 to 18:00 CET.

The next day, another important event will be held in the new office: our awaited prize draw in which the company will give away 111 precious prizes including gold bars, Apple iPads and a ticket for a luxury cruise across the Mediterranean Sea.

The importance of the new office for clients

Geneva supposes a central location for our clients. They will be able to enjoy exclusive tours along the office while getting to know more about the company, its business and product. Customers will also be able to conduct and attend seminars and training sessions with their business teams. The premises are available to both experienced customers and beginners.

The company keeps on expanding to new regions, so we might soon witness the opening of new offices in other countries too!

How can you apply for a visit?

Become a Global InterGold's client by registering on the company’s website.

And make an appointment.

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the opening of our representative office in Geneva.

Here's to further business success.

See you there!