Global Tour 2016 7th conference. It is Frances time!

Global Tour 2016 7th conference. It is Frances time!


First Global Tour conference in Europe!  

   The time for the first Global Tour event in Europe has come! The City of Light is welcoming guests today at the Centre D'Affaire et Entreprises De Paris.

   This two-day event will include plenty of information about novelties and speeches on how to develop gold business in the most efficient way.

   The Director of Development for Global InterGold and eminent leaders will go on stage to pronounce speeches, the guest of the event will be able to record interviews to promote themselves and their business and they all will have the unique chance to walk around Paris' magical streets.


 International business in France

   The Global Tour event in Paris represents an ideal opportunity to make yourself a name in the gold world. Global InterGold is making big steps in many regions worldwide and has over 1.5 million customers.

   The Global Tour events have already been held in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea . It is time for Europe to step in! The Online Gold Shop customers conduct business around the globe, no matter where they live. By developing an international business with Global InterGold, they can travel, meet people from different countries and grow both professionally and personally.


 New orders: smart and rapid income for France and the whole world

The company has recently introduced the new GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders so that customers can receive income even faster.

 These orders have already gained popularity in the company! Check out their advantages: Goldset Global


Develop a fast, smart and global business!