Global Tour 2016 in St. Petersburg. White nights glitter with gold!

Global Tour 2016 in St. Petersburg. White nights glitter with gold!


St Petersburg bid a warm welcome to the Global Tour 2016 on 25-26 June at the luxurious Taleon Imperial Hotel. Global InterGold clients from Russia met partners from Spain, Japan, India and more countries.

What awaited the guests?

On 25 June the guests of the Global InterGold conference in St Petersburg gathered in the lobby of the Taleon Imperial Hotel to register for a promising two-day event.

The Director of Development for Global InterGold George Fuzesi delivered the keynote speech dedicating warm words to the audience. Then he gave the floor so many company's leaders.

The first speaker was the eminent Global InterGold leader Mikhail Ukvasov who shared an interesting opinon on business success. According to him, it is not necessary to be an A student at school since grades hardly influence your ability to succeed in business. Skills can be learnt over time. For instance, that day the audience enriched their knowledge about different economic topics and the features of the Leadership program.

Afterwards many leaders went on stage to share their success stories and their ideas concerning the importance of having gold reserves given the unstable economic situation today.

The Global Tour 2016 conference in Russia was attended by clients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Japan, Tajikistan and Armenia who will later share the knowledge acquired in their home countires.

Then the company's management awarded leaders for their achievements, including a winner of the 2nd Global 100 contest round and the 26th participant of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016. The conference continued with the performance of a folk band named "Malachite" which enlivened the atmosphere and mood of everyone.

At the end of the day, the guests tasted a unique and very special menu while enjoying conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. They also spent some time recording interviews and taking photos.

On the second day, the clients visited Palace Square where they recorded more interviews about the business with the professional Global InterGold camera crew.

This great conference ended with a fabulous feast on board the «River Lounge», a floating restaurant which included belly dances and a professional saxophonist.

Was it the last international event of the company? Certainly not!

On 20 August, the exclusive Global Tour 2016 conference in Barcelona will be held.

We look forward to seeing you in Spain!