Gold covers a real “Stairway to Heaven”!

Gold covers a real “Stairway to Heaven”!


Today, gold takes us to Singapore, where the metal plays the leading role in incredible news in the art world. However, you will see that this is more than an artistic project.

You will be moved by the story of this gold staircase. Keep on reading!

Gold: the heart of the staircase metaphor

Priyageetha Dia, student at the Lasalle College of Arts, has paved a staircase with gold foil at a housing board block in Jalan Besar street, Kallang (Singapore).

The art work has been the subject of admiration of art students worldwide. Its creator declared that it took her five hours to finish covering the staircase with gold foil, adding also:

"The intervention of gold finally reverberated against the ever-lifeless and grey architecture on the 20th floor of my block."

Expert judgment

The architect, Raine Chong, revealed that, after a conversation with the artist, the artwork held a deeper meaning to her, more than meets the eye.

She found out that her grandmother, together with her 10 children, was relocated to the Jalan Rajah street block from the slums. Raine Chong's words were:

"It was their first proper home. This golden staircase, as you can put it, is the 'stairway to heaven'."

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