Gold in the dental cabinet

Gold in the dental cabinet



An interesting case happened recently in Miami, America, where a local teacher purchased at auction a vintage metal dental cabinet made in the 1920s. Previously, the massive equipment belonged to a local dentist.

When the new owner began to clean it out, he found several items inside. In addition to old documents, the teacher found plenty of golden jewelry: rings, medallions, chains and a precious investment coin “American Gold Eagle”. Such coins, which are of special numismatic value for coin collectors, were minted in the US in 1986.

On the obverse of the coin there is an image of a woman symbolizing freedom. In her right hand she holds a burning torch, in her left hand – an olive branch, a symbol of peace. The US Capitol Building can be seen in the background. On the edge of the coin, the inscription LIBERTY is minted. An eagle soaring above its nest is depicted on the reverse of the coin, with an inscription that reads: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The US-only standard of .9167 (22K gold) was used to produce the "American Golden Eagle" coin. An alloy of gold mixed with 3% silver and 5% copper enhances the coin’s durability, giving it a reddish tint.

According to the current owner of the dental cabinet, the precious discovery may be worth tens of thousands of dollars. The teacher does not intend to keep all the golden items for himself. He agreed to hand them over to the heirs of the deceased doctor, if they ask him to do so.

The hidden gold once again proves the fact that people trust the precious metal and strive to accumulate gold savings. Gold is the most reliable asset in times of economic instability and the best tool for preservation of personal savings.


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