Gold jewelry trends in 2017 for real business princesses

Gold jewelry trends in 2017 for real business princesses


On the occasion of the upcoming release of Beauty and The Beast live-action remake, Disney has released fairy-tale golden items.

Do you want to know the main trends? Be our guest!

This series of gold items pays tribute to this lovely story, as well as to strong women worldwide. The following are proven customer's favourites:

iPhone 6 gold case

Now you can take Belle's enchanted mirror wherever you go with your iPhone 6. The case is decorated in corinthian gold and includes a real mirror to be perfect at all times.

A stylish phone for every occasion!

Rose charm and necklace

Sophistication meets elegance in this golden necklace. Add sparkle to your outfit with this jewel of gold and a touch of red passion. Only for the more daring!

You can't go wrong with this beautiful jewel!

Enchanted rose ring

This masterpiece is an irresistible combination of colours, grace and style. A truly charming ring that can be matched with a whole range of colours.

A real tribute to modern femininity.

Rose bracelet

According to Breann Demers, Gunderson's Jeweler, this year there will be more rose gold jewels over the more traditional white or yellow gold.

This is a perfect example, and indeed, a glamorous accessory.

The Beauty and The Beast movie will surely draw millions into the cinemas, as Global InterGold draws millions of clients with a product that guarantees financial stability.

This is an ideal set of jewels, but remember, beauty is found within, and real gold is found in Global InterGold!

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