Gold mining to become green thanks to Nobel Prize winner Fraser Stoddart

Gold mining to become green thanks to Nobel Prize winner Fraser Stoddart


The British Nobel Prize winner, Fraser Stoddart, has developed a new technique that is going to revolutionize the gold mining industry.

Read this article and find out all the details about his new ecological proposal!

Down with the old system

Mr. Stoddart, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2016, hopes to eradicate the use of poisonous cyanide in the process of extracting gold.

The scientist's new method is based on starch and will be perfectly able to separate gold from ore. It is being developed by his company Cycladex based in Nevada, with the help of his research team at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.

Nowadays, the greener method is working while being tested in one of the world’s oldest gold mining companies: Comstock.

Benefits of a greener gold industry

Fraser Stoddart's technique of gold mining is cheaper than the current, traditional one with cyanide, which has been used in most gold mines for the last 120 years and is 100% replaceable.

It’s a very much greener way of extracting gold. [...] as a person concerned about the environment, I hope that this will put increasing pressure on the gold industry to move away from cyanide use. That’s my dream.”

Fraser Stoddart

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