Gold of rock music

Gold of rock music



People decorated musical instruments with gold long before Biblical times.

The inhabitants of the ancient Greek Olympus loved music and gold. Apollo played the golden cithara, Aphrodite played the flute, and Orpheus played the lyre. The divine sounds of these musical instruments worked wonders.

During excavations in Ur (Mesopotamia), archeologists discovered a golden harp with the head of a bull. The discovered object is 5000 years of age.

The stars of show business are the gods of our time. Celebrities earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year and do not mind paying extra to draw the attention while on stage.

We tell about three golden musical instruments:


1. The golden guitar of Prince.

Name: "Goldfinger"

Material: Wood, metal, gold leaf.

Price: $100,000.

History: The craftsman of the company «Fender» Yuri Shishkov created a handmade guitar for the rock star. The "Custom Stratocaster" model is completely covered with gold leaf. The set includes gold-plated strings and a case with a golden velvet interior.

In 2010-2012, the rock musician played this musical instrument during the famous tour "Welcome 2 America." For three years, Prince traveled across 3 continents, gave 80 concerts playing the "Goldfinger" and earned $20 million.

Following the end of the tour, the guitar was sold at a charity auction in favor of the poor children of Harlem. Six-string relic was bought by the famous racer, the champion of "Formula 1" Lewis Hamilton.

An interesting fact: Yuri Shishkov admitted in an interview that he saw a dream of him covering the guitar with gold leaf, but he postponed this idea, considering it to be rather pretentious. When Yuri received an order to make a precious musical instrument for a rock star, he remembered his vision. It is said that Prince wanted a golden guitar, which he also saw in his dream.

In the photo: Prince with the "Goldfinger" guitar during the concert at the sport complex Madison Square Garden, New York, February 7, 2011.


2. Eric Clapton's golden guitar.

Name: "Gold Leaf"

Material: Wood, metal, plastic, gold.

Price: $455,550.

History: Eric ordered the company "Fender" to make him a guitar with the condition that he would receive an instrument worthy of exhibiting at the Louvre. In 1996, the manufacturer, to mark the 50th anniversary, presented the musician with the "Stratocaster" model, covered with 23K gold.

Clapton played the guitar during the Far Eastern tour "European Legends". The musical instrument was sold in 1997 at Christie's auction after the concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The proceeds were transferred to a fund founded by a British musician to help drug addicts.

After 8 years, "Fender" reissued "Stratocaster Gold Leaf" with a circulation of 50 pieces.

Interesting fact: The gold guitar was completely made of gold, but Eric Clapton replaced the removable precious parts with plastic ones.

In the photo: Eric Clapton's famous gold instrument.


3. Golden violins of the "Fuse" duo.

Material: Carbon fiber, gold, precious stones.

Price: $2 000 000 per a violin.

History: The British rock duo owns a pair of exclusive violins. In collaboration with "BRIDGE", London jeweler Theo Fennell created light, catchy musical instruments, distinguished by a remarkable sound. Electric violets were encrusted with precious stones. Golden skulls adorn the neck of the string instrument.

In 2018, the musicians embarked on the world tour playing golden violins.

Interesting fact: Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee insured their musical instruments for $ 4,4 million.

In the photo: Members of the string duo "Fuse".


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