Gold Remedy: Revolution in Medicine

Gold Remedy: Revolution in Medicine


Gold was used for treatment in ancient times, it is being used now, and in the future gold application will be even wider. Physicians never cease to find new healing properties of this metal.


Our article contains incredible medical facts about gold that you most probably don’t know yet.

Gold is a noble metal with rare properties which increases its value and proves its utmost utility. It has increased plasticity, low resistance and immunity to oxidative processes.

Main characteristics of gold:

  • density: 19.32 grams per cm3
  • melting point: 1064.43 °С
  • boiling point: 2947 °С

All these qualities allow gold use to perform anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic effects.

Ancient Medicine

Many doctors in ancient times turned their eyes to gold and practiced remedies based on the yellow metal. For example, healers suggested putting gold in one’s mouth and holding it for a while to reduce the pain in throat or relieve toothache. Doctors recommended that rich patients apply gold to sick joints. In those days, it was also widely believed that gold heals spleen.

Chinese physician Tso Hong (281-361) claimed that gold dissolved in liquid is the elixir of life. The Spanish doctor and alchemist Arnoldo de Villanova (1240-1311) used gold as a cure for all diseases. In 1583, the French doctor and surgeon David de Plani-Campi wrote “Treatise on Drinking Gold” and described its miraculous properties.


In 1885, American scientists recognized the positive effect of colloidal gold – a solution of small particles in water with no trace of salts – on those suffering from alcohol dependence and obesity.

In the XIX century, the famous German scientist Robert Koch decided to use gold in the treatment of tuberculosis. He utilized the thiosulphate complex of sanocrysine, an excellent anti-inflammatory drug based on gold. For this discovery, this medical scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905.

Doctors recommended wearing gold in the following cases:

  • for energy boost
  • to protect against the negative influence
  • for a positive attitude
  • to restore strength
  • to improve memory

Modern medicine

Nowadays, doctors actively use gold to help patients recover faster or ease their condition. Gold has proven useful in cosmetology, dentistry, orthodontics, aurotherapy, plastic surgery and oncology treatment.

Gold disinfects

Gold has the ability to disastrously affect pathogens, so the yellow metal is employed in the manufacture of creams and medications.

Gold enhances protective functions of the body

Colloidal gold is used as a remedy for depression, circulatory disorders, colds, skin diseases, burns, alcohol dependence. A solution of colloidal gold enhances immunity and restores the life force of a person.

Gold cures arthritis and asthma

Gold makes it easier for patients with asthma. Gold colloid reduces dependence on corticosteroids. Physicians effectively treat arthritis with gold. The use of this metal in a number of drugs contributes to anti-inflammatory therapy, reducing edema and pain, preventing the process of deformation of cartilage and bones.

Gold protects teeth

In dentistry, gold is metal No 1. It is effectively used in the manufacture of dental crowns: an oxide layer is not formed on the surface of the metal which prevents the occurrence of allergies.

Gold helps to treat cancer

Gold nanoparticles have become a tool that can protect a patient from the negative effects of chemotherapy. The medical journal Angewandte Chemie reports on the discovery of scientists which will successfully fight cancer. Gold atoms can deliver medication to tumor-damaged cells and not affect other nearby cells. Thus, the negative impact of chemotherapy on the entire body can be limited. This type of therapy is planned to be actively implemented in 5 years.

Gold rejuvenates

In plastic surgery, gold helps in the formation of collagen tissue. Thin golden threads are inserted under the skin and transformed into a kind of pull-up skeleton.

Gold boosts IQ

We have not yet tested this on ourselves, but scientists have proven that colloidal gold contributes to improving brain activity. If one takes gold solution regularly within a month, the intellectual coefficient (IQ) may increase by 20%.

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