Gold worth $2.4 million discovered through eBay!

Gold worth $2.4 million discovered through eBay!


Gold can be hidden anywhere, and this time it has been found inside a... tank! and through an online purchase on eBay.

Read on and find out all the details of this curious discovery!

More than just a tank

Nick Mead, owner of the tank restoration company “Tanks-A-Lot” (UK), bought an old tank via eBay, as he usually does since his company restore tanks to be used for films and events. However, Mr. Mead was surprised to find his purchase came with a surprise: his most recent acquisition had more than $2 million in gold!

How they found the gold

Apart from being the owner of “Tanks-A-Lot”, Nick Mead is an avid vehicle collector; the reason why he decided to purchase this $37,000 Chinese Type 69 tank on eBay.

Todd Chamberlain, mechanic, was in charge of restoring the tank. He couldn't believe his eyes when he found out what was inside the fuel tanks. At the beginning, he thought they were willed with guns, which is very common in old military machinery. But then, when checking again with a camera, he found five gold bars weighting 68.5 pounds and valued at around $2.4 million!

What now?

The gold was handed in to the police. They did not provide Mead with $2.4 million; but, they gave him a receipt for the collection of the bars. It is unknown when they will be returned to Mead, or if they are going to be traced to their original owners.

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